Larry Sabato
A More Perfect Constitution


Publisher's Weekly
“Sabato, founder of the Center for Politics at the University of Virginia, ventures bravely into the controversial waters of constitutional reform…While there's room for skepticism and unintended consequences in some of his suggestions, Sabato makes strong, cogent arguments.”

“Sabato’s thought-provoking book provides insights for an important debate.”

Library Journal
[Sabato’s proposals in A More Perfect Constitution] “are all interesting and well conveyed here. This is food for thought deserving a place in public libraries.”

From North Carolina's Charlotte Observer
[A More Perfect Constitution] “will launch an ambitious project. Sabato seeks to create a national discussion about changes needed to create a better Constitution, one suited to the needs of a 21st-century superpower that spans a continent….These are controversial proposals, worthy of debate.”

[Within the pages of A More Perfect Constitution] “there's something for everyone here -- from expanding the U.S. Senate to term limits and a balanced budget amendment.”

From Great Britain's The Independent
“Fascinating” writes British Journalist Rupert Cornell of A More Perfect Constitution in a review for London’s, The Independent. “Sabato” writes Cornell, “has some pretty ambitious retooling proposals to update the Constitution without altering its essence and fundamental balance.”

From Ben Shapiro,
“Whether or not Dr. Sabato's proposed amendments solve the problems of governance, his call for a new Constitutional Convention is an important one. To solve the problems of governance, we must stop pretending that the Constitution is all things to all people -- we must decide whether it ought to be challenged, and if so, where. The Founding Fathers would expect any proposed major governmental change to face up to the historic challenge.”



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Larry J. Sabato
Director of the UVA Center for Politics and
author of
A More Perfect Constitution
Why The Constitution Must Be Revised:
Ideas To Inspire A New Generation

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